Our New Alpine Seasoning Brings The Flavors of The Alps To Your Table

Sure, you’re well-versed in the familiar flavors of Italy, Spain, France and other popular European destinations. However, to most foodies, the flavors of the European Alps,  a region that includes parts of countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, are a mystery, and a surprising one at that – many would be shocked to discover that what’s eaten in alpine Italy, for example, is a world away from what’s eaten in Florence or Naples, but has much in common with what’s enjoyed in alpine Austria.

Once we discovered this, we were enthralled, and spent ten years learning about and discovering alpine cuisine for ourselves. And finally, after a lot of eating – err, work – we’ve captured its very essence with our new alpine seasoning, the newest product to the Mount Salem Kitchen line of Central European condiments and seasonings.

What’s alpine seasoning?

So what is alpine seasoning? With flavors that capture herbs you might find in a meadow or vegetable garden yet with a savory twinge, our new alpine seasoning is ideal as either an ingredient or a seasoning to finish a dish – actually, any savory dish calling for salt is a great fit for alpine seasoning. It’s so versatile that we’re working on a cookbook with over 30 alpine recipes that use alpine seasoning to take them to the next level which will be available in mid-August.

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Yes, we know that you probably have a packed spice rack – or maybe even a whole spice shelf. But those who have taken a jar of our alpine seasoning home have told us that theirs doesn’t even make it back to the rack – it stays on their kitchen or dining room table because they use it every day.

How to get a jar

Want to give our alpine seasoning a try for yourself? Purchase it for $7 per jar at our farm, located at 54 Mount Salem Road in Pittstown, or online at our Etsy store. 

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You can also celebrate the launch of our alpine seasoning with us during a special event tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 14 which will include the launch of our 2019 Riesling as well as fare made from our new alpine cuisine cookbook. Keep watch on our Facebook page for updates!

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