Try All Of Our Wines and Get Access To Exclusive Events With Our Case Club

With a dozen types of fine wines produced at Mount Salem Vineyards, it’s not easy to try them all. But it can be – which is where our Case Club comes in.

Each year, we allow a select 100 customers to be members of our Case Club. Those members are welcomed with one case of 12 wines made up of different types, enabling them to try all types of wines from our collection. Usually, we break that dozen up into four parts, so every season, our members have something new to look forward to – a few new wines to take home and taste.

Our Signature Event: Our Iconic LongTable Gathering, Inspired By Local Food and Family, Is Back

This weekend, we’ll welcome our members to our farm to do just that with our Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir Rose, alongside our Wiener Schnitzel Bites – and a recipe for the bites that they can take home.

However, there are many more benefits to being a Case Club member than a case of fine wine (although that’s not a half-bad perk, if we do say so ourselves.) Each year, we invite our Case Club members to exclusive events like wine release dinners and food pairings; as well as product offerings and wine offerings that we create just for them. Plus, our Case Club members are welcome to host private tastings or private food and wine events here at our farm, too.

Pre-Harvest: It’s The Calm Before The Storm At Mount Salem Vineyards

We have our first-ever Case Club member to thank for the club. A decade ago, he visited us on the hunt for a Christmas gift for his wife – and asked if we had a Case Club. We didn’t at the moment, but we let him know we could make one, but only if he wanted to be the first member.

He did. And today, he remains our longest-standing member.

Join our Case Club by calling or visiting us and providing your member information, as well as one $400 payment. And if you really love one of the wines you discovered from being in our Case Club, then subscribe to one case (or more) of a single type of wine at a reduced cost, and before it’s available to the public. 

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