Creating Your Own Charcuterie Board? Here’s Where To Get Meats, Cheeses and More

With the holidays well underway and social media-worthy food photos making their way to anyone with an iPhone, it seems the perfect storm has been created to swell the popularity of dazzling charcuterie boards buzzing with cheese, meats, breads, crackers and more.

If you’re on a mission to create your own charcuterie board with a wow factor, Mount Salem Kitchen and our partners have everything you need including housemade cheese spread, top-quality smoked sausages, European-style breads and much more. Here’s where to find every item on your charcuterie board shopping list.

Mount Salem Kitchen in Pittstown (or online)

Our Liptauer, which is a cheese spread made simply from two cheeses, butter and seasonings using a family recipe, is a must-have for creating a standout charcuterie board. Despite its cult following, its availability here at our farm was a bit of an accident.

Ours originated from our founder’s grandparents, who emigrated from Austria and emigrated to New Jersey. When our winery, Mount Salem Vineyards, began offering Central European foods to complement our Austrian wines, Liptauer was one of our staples – it was easy for us to make, unique, and tastes great with a crisp, dry glass of Riesling.

Soon, we noticed a pattern. Again and again we heard, “You know, your wine is very good, but that cheese spread is awesome! Can we buy some?” So, we started jarring it and offering to our guests.

Our housemade cranberry sauce, made with whole fresh cranberries, simple syrup and a splash of orange juice, is also perfect for adding to charcuterie or cheese.

Want to make your own bread to accompany your charcuterie? Our hard bolted wheat flour is a whole grain flour which was grown in the fields next to our farm and milled nearby.

Find these products and more by visiting us at 54 Mt Salem Rd., Pittstown or purchasing online at

The Stork’s Nest in Flemington

Having opened in October, the Stork’s Nest, a Central European shop and deli, is a new fixture in Flemington. But don’t be mistaken – this spot, owned by recent Polish immigrants who are serious about authentic eats, epitomizes old-school with its intimate setup and commitment to excellence.

Visit them for a huge selection of smoked sausages, hams and smoked bacons, which all come in various sizes, ages and flavors. Plus, you’ll love their selection of Central European style breads, crackers and condiments – mustard is one of our favorites for sliced meat.

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They also offer homemade dishes such as stuffed cabbage, chicken cutlets and pierogi; and Mount Salem Kitchen items including our Liptauer, Gewürz Curried Ketchup, Haus Vinaigrette, Alpine Seasoning, and Spätzle (fine, dried noodles).

Find these products and more by visiting them at 22 Main Street, Flemington or learning more at

Savour in Lambertville

Lambertville’s go-to gourmet grocery store is Savour, a true hidden gem which features a curated collection of fine cheeses, preserves, condiments, pasta and sauces.

Here, receive personalized service and check out homemade products – made both around the corner and across the pond – such as our Liptauer, which is the store’s biggest Mount Salem Kitchen seller.

Plus, pick up some of owner Shawn’s favorites perfect for a charcuterie board, including items from Brooklyn Cured, such as their Bourbon & Sour Cherry Salami and their Pork & Lamb Salami.

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She’s also a fan of items from Three Little Pigs (also in Brooklyn), especially their Jambon (French-style ham) and smoked salmon pate. Plus, she carries an array of cheeses, crackers and other items to round out your charcuterie board.

Find these products and more by visiting them at 37 N Union St, Lambertville or learning more at

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