Authentic Polish Cookbook Made By Our Chief Cooking Officer Is Now Available

Most days, you can find Central European native and our Chief Cooking Officer Agnieszka Bućko hard at work in our Mount Salem farmhouse kitchen, creating products that are both authentic and made with love. Now with her new book, “Cooking with Love: From My Polish Kitchen to Yours,” you can get a taste of her delectable cooking in your own kitchen, too.

With over 55 recipes and color photos, Agnieszka’s book shares her cherished family recipes that she learned from her own mother and grandmother from their home in Poland, offering an introduction to Polish cuisine that goes well beyond pierogi, stuffed cabbage and kielbasa, although they are included as well. Plus, the 121-page book also shares modern dishes Agnieszka created herself or learned from others after she moved to America in 1998.

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An unlikely beginning

It wasn’t Agnieszka’s original intent to write a cookbook for the masses, though. It all began when she wanted to create a cookbook for her daughter, Emilia, as a wedding gift. By memory, she revisited the tens of recipes she learned as a child, writing in her native Polish the ingredients, measurements, steps, and skills required and translating to English for Emilia.

When she presented the book to her daughter on her wedding day, so many of the guests – many of whom are first- or second-generation Polish-Americans – asked for a copy, too. Agnieszka thought maybe the rest of America could be ready for a taste of real of Polish food and so far, she’s been right – the response to her new book, which is published by Mount Salem Kitchen and is available for $30 on our website as well as on Etsy, has been overwhelming.

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More than just recipes

Plus, “Cooking with Love: From My Polish Kitchen to Yours” is more than your average cookbook – the deeply personal book also shares Agnieszka’s memories as a proud farmgirl coming of age in communist-era Poland, when life was so very hard that eating well was an important source of joy and comfort.

Presented in the book’s Preface, Introduction and at the beginning of each section, Agnieszka welcomes you to devour these cherished memories just like she’s sure you’ll devour her tried-and-true Polish dishes.

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