Learn To Cook Just Like Us At Our Pairings and Master Classes

Those of us here at Mount Salem Kitchen love to cook. And how could we not? As winemakers, farmers and foodies, we appreciate and strive to learn about all that is culinary – and we love sharing that knowledge with our customers, too.

That’s why every single week at Mount Salem Kitchen, we offer cooking programs, including our Pairings, where we do an up-close cooking demonstration of a dish that we complement with a pairing of three wines, as well as our Master Classes, where participants get a hands-on experience of how to create a selection of menu items and get to enjoy the final meal.

How it works

Throughout Pairings sessions ($30 per person) and Master Classes ($75 and up per person), our participants cook all types of cuisines including French, Italian, Austrian, Spanish, Polish, American Creole and Thai. And no, you don’t need wait for a heads-up from us – instead, we offer many of these on a private basis, so feel free to contact us anytime at 908-735-9359 to select your date, time and menu.

It all began when we would prepare food to complement our wines for our guests, which led to requests for private events like luncheons and dinners. This then prompted people to ask for recipes and eventually cooking classes. They are now a staple here, often organized by people to celebrate a special event, or simply an excuse for food and wine lovers to get together.

A meal to remember

After the class, participants leave with the recipes for everything that was prepared for their class, and with the confidence that they personally created something that tasted great and which they can replicate at home.

More importantly, though, is they leave with a deeper understanding of food, which means a lot for those of our visitors who don’t think of themselves as “cooks.” From those people and foodies alike, the reactions from our class have been overwhelmingly positive.

Just over the weekend, we hosted a five-course Master Class in authentic Thai cuisine using the real-deal ingredients and methods and the couple who organized the event for their friends said it best: “You knocked the cover off the ball.” (A home run!)

Book your private event with us now by calling Mount Salem Kitchen at 908-735-9359!

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