Coronavirus Or Not, Always Follow These Food Safety Tips

As coronavirus continues to turn our daily lives upside down, we’ve been forced to take a hard look at our daily routines, especially when it comes to cleanliness. We’re now using hand sanitizer whenever possible, wiping down items inside and outside of our homes and diligently washing our hands.

However, when it comes to food safety and sanitization, it doesn’t take an international pandemic to demand good hygiene – as home chefs, we need to be meticulous about keeping our meats, produce and kitchen items safe for consumption at all times.

Whether coronavirus is forcing you to cook more than you ever have or you’re a seasoned home chef already, keep these food safety tips in mind – always – when prepping food.

8 Tips For Everyday Cooking

  • Wash your hands often – before, during and after cooking. This will help minimize the risk of food contamination or worse – cross contamination of one food to another.
  • Use generous amounts of soap when washing your hands as well as pots, utensils and anything else in the kitchen. It’s a simple but effective way to kill germs!
  • Scrub everything with a lot of “elbow grease” – in other words, if it doesn’t shine and squeak when you’re done, scrub it again.
  • Air dry as much of your kitchen tools as you can. Wiping a wet plate with a potentially germ-infested cloth dish towel is asking for trouble.
  • Regularly put your sponges through the hot dishwasher and your dish towels through the laundry. If you want to get serious about this, you can do it daily, like we do.
  • Don’t forget to regularly clean your aprons and oven mitts, which have collected the splatter of whatever you were prepping or cooking. Don’t reuse it tomorrow – wash it in hot water with detergent, or risk contaminating that whole chicken you cut apart with other foods.
  • Use hot water to soap, deeply scrub and air dry your cutting boards which have been nicked by knives and could be harboring germs inside their crevasses.
  • When cleaning meat or produce before prep, either rinse with cold running water and dry with paper towels, or don’t rinse and just pat dry with paper towels, as running water can turn germs into small particles and send them in the air. There’s some disagreement about both of these, but both are OK, with caveats.

Always Eat And Drink With Confidence at Mount Salem Kitchen

Here at Mount Salem Kitchen, we are thorough about all of the above – and more. We always clean before, during and after we prep food, ensuring that every surface is always clean. Plus, we require our entire staff to wash their hands both in the lavatory and after exiting, so we can be sure it’s done properly.

It all might sound a bit germophobic, but we want to always make sure our staff is safe and our customers can enjoy our products with confidence!

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