A Harmonious Wine and Food Experience Awaits at Mount Salem Kitchen

Most wineries do simply what their name entails – they make wine. And, to be fair, that was our original plan, too.

When we began offering Central European food products (such as our Liptauer cheese spread, which is based on an Austrian family recipe and has maintained a cult following) we did so in order to complement the wine experience here at our Pittstown farm. We never expected the food to take on a life of its own, but that’s exactly what happened. We even have customers who don’t drink alcohol, but love our foods.

After years of hearing “Your wine is very good, but that cheese spread is awesome,” we finally started a wholesale food manufacturing business to produce and sell our Liptauer. Other products with Central European flavor profiles followed, and so did their distribution – we eventually supplied our products to 12 New Jersey locations.

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At home at our farm, the food products continued to be successes, too. We soon built a deep portfolio of various cuisines, menus and recipes, making us a true destination for a harmonious food and wine experience.

But COVID changed things, of course. Some of our retailers faltered and went out of business, and people couldn’t visit our farm quite as readily. So, we packaged it up – we were soon selling out out of frozen dinners, like Tyrol-style beef goulash; Wachau-style braised chicken; pierogis; and lescó (vegetable and kielbasa stew.)

The darkest days of COVID are hopefully behind us, but our frozen meals remain readily available, as do our Central European-inspired condiments and other food products. Plus, with the Hunterdon 579 Trail – which started right here – visitors can experience both food and wine at Mount Salem Vineyards before heading on their way to another culinary destination along Hunterdon County Road 579.

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These days, we continue to be in sync with the Hunterdon 579 Trail, as we offer items from our trail partners including lamb from Mount Salem Farm; pork (and soon beef as well) from Blue Jingler Farm; and goat cheese from Gorgeous Goat Creamery. Right here at our farm, you can find the best eats of Hunterdon County – all paired with a splash of artisan fine wine.

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