Forget The Ketchup And Slather Gewurz on Your Favorite Meats

It’s barbecue season, and we’ve all been busy working at our grills and cooking up burgers, hot dogs and chicken. Normally, once we’re done, we slather ketchup on these favorite meats, but if you’re ready to mix it up, reach for our Gewurz sauce instead.

Gewürz is a tomato ketchup seasoned like the finest of curries, making for a taste that is not hot, but exotically flavored. It’s traditionally used as a condiment for Curry Würst, the national street food of Germany and Austria, which is grilled sausage and roasted potatoes, but Gewurz’s uses can range much further than this.

Some of our other favorites to pair with Gewurz include kielbasa, kabanosy or really, any type of sausage or wurst. Plus, we love it with burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, meatballs (especially lamb meatballs), and even French fries or as a dip with pretzels and crackers.

Sometimes, ketchup can be a bit too sweet – which does the exact opposite of enhancing a dish. But, Gewurz has that perfect bit of heat to add to basic foods without being overpowering. One taste of Gewurz, and you’re sure to be hooked!

If you want to create an amazing dipping sauce with our Gewurz, try adding one part mayonnaise with one part Gewurz. Or, use it as a finishing sauce with ribs or as a glaze with pulled pork.

Here at Mount Salem Kitchen, we love our pulled pork, and we’ve finessed our own recipe on the favorite. Making it at home? Follow our recipe here:

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