Introducing Our Newest Product: Haus Sauce

Inside our Mount Salem farmhouse kitchen in Pittstown, we’re always cooking up something new – trying new recipes, testing new ingredients and perfecting our past creations.

Recently, that resulted in a brand-new product to add to our line of Central European favorites – our Haus Sauce, which you can now taste and purchase here at the farm or online, and soon, at our retail partners, too.

A super-savory, flavor-packed condiment, the Haus Sauce is perfect for enhancing something a little bland or taming something that’s a little over-the-top thanks to its ingredients of sharp Dijon mustard, Worcestershire, oil, lemon juice, a variety of spices as well as anchovy, which hides in the background but rounds out the flavor profile with umami.

The first bottles of Haus Sauce off the production line.

The powerful flavor of our Haus Sauce – which evokes the tastes associated with lush fields as well as the seashore – is what will have you using it again and again, since it works for everything including grilled or broiled meat, fish or vegetables, or even as a dip for freshly sliced crudités, a piece of fresh baguette or even pretzels.

If you’re a fan of our Haus Vinaigrette, then the Haus Sauce definitely needs to be on your must-try list. This item, which is quickly becoming a favorite here at Mount Salem Kitchen, is essentially a more concentrated version of our Haus Vinaigrette and retails at $9 per 12-ounce bottle.

Sound intriguing? Come and try out the newest addition to our Mount Salem Kitchen family by visiting us 54 Mt Salem Road, Pittstown or by purchasing online. 

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