Bold Flavors Harmonize For An Unique Dressing in Our Haus Vinaigrette

Often, the first time someone tries our Haus Vinaigrette, which combines a classic Dijon vinaigrette base with the intense flavors of dried thyme, Worcestershire sauce and anchovy, their first words are ‘Wow.’

We can’t really blame them. When these flavors combine, they harmonize with one another, mellowing their intensity and making for a unique flavor profile that we just don’t taste in the United States.

Fittingly, then, it was during our time eating our way through food-focused cities Verona and Venice in Italy as well as Vienna, Austria that we discovered these flavors in the first place.

A ‘gem’ found on our plates

In Venice, I still vividly remember a dish I had of prawns marinated in garlic, olive oil and parsley, then breaded and baked until crispy, then served on a bed of mixed greens that were dressed in a vinaigrette that was unlike any I’d had before.

Once home, I used trial and error to recreate the vinaigrette – and we were so happy with it that it became our house dressing and soon, a versatile add-on to our favorite dishes that ranged well beyond lettuce leaves.

However, when it comes to salad, a little bit of our Haus Vinaigrette still goes a long way thanks to its bold flavors, making it easier to use less and actually taste the ingredients in the salad.

At the end of the day, though, to us, it still tells a tale of the hallmarks of Central European cooking. Thyme is found in most kitchens. Anchovy an ancient flavoring agent that’s used in a lot of modern cooking. Oil, vinegar and mustard are standard vinaigrette ingredients. And Worcestershire sauce, whose ingredients reflect the ancient trading routes through Venice (by sea) and Vienna (by land) that connected Europe first with Asia and then America.

Take a taste of our Haus Vinaigrette by clicking here and we’re certain that you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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