How To Create The Perfect Salad With Our Haus Vinaigrette

Swimsuit season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your new salad habit. With our Haus Vinaigrette, which has a classic Dijon vinaigrette base with special seasonings, you can give your salad an extra kick.

One of the biggest mistakes when preparing a salad is using too much dressing, but with our Haus Vinaigrette, you won’t need to use much – it’s light enough to gently coat lettuce leaves and other vegetables but its seasonings make the salad sing without drenching the dish. Plus, these seasonings allow it to work well with a variety of cuisines including that from Central European countries, Italy, France, the Middle East and more.

Here at Mount Salem Kitchen, we love to serve the Haus Vinaigrette on what we call an Adriatic Salad, which includes a bed of salad greens, sliced cherry tomatoes and roasted prawns that are dusted with panko breadcrumbs, minced garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs.

Our visitors are crazy about this dish, but they often don’t realize why – it’s our ‘secret sauce’ of Haus Vinaigrette.

You can make our Adriatic Salad at home using this recipe. If you’re creating your own salad with our Haus Vinaigrette, we recommend using fresh vegetables and, if using them, fruit. Ideally, choose fruits and vegetables that are grown locally, and even better still, use those from your own garden!

When creating the perfect salad, we also recommend using several different lettuces, or other vegetables like sliced tomatoes or olives, but always an odd number. Three is best, ideally of different and complementary colors, since salads should be a riot of color, flavor and texture.

And, make sure you always avoid using too much dressing – to keep it to the right amount, pour the dressing on when the salad (greens especially) are in a bowl, then toss it thoroughly with your just-washed-hands, and then plate it. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Want to try out Haus Vinaigrette on a salad for yourself? Purchase it here or try it by visiting us at 54 Mt Salem Rd, Pittstown.

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