Holiday Season Kicks off at Mount Salem Kitchen This Saturday

These days, it’s easy for the spirit of the holidays to be lost in a sea of overspending, overindulging and commercialization. But here at Mount Salem Kitchen, we like to keep it simple and wholesome – whether it’s with our food, wine or even just a visit to our farm.

That’s why ever since our first year here in the neighborhood nearly two decades ago, we’ve started the holiday season with a humble greeting. This Saturday when you visit us between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., our staff – Agnes, Kirsten, Matt and Peter – will wish you a happy holiday season.

Our featured Library wine

Of course, though, that’ll just be the beginning of your visit. We will be serving our 2011 Blaufränkisch as our featured Library wine in our Wine Barn Loft, as well as a few of our other handcrafted wines. With a hint of spice among a sound structure, the 2011 Blaufränkisch is an aged gem. But it took a little while to get there.

We can remember 2011 here at Mount Salem Kitchen quite vividly, but not for good reasons. A hurricane and a tropical storm dumped 25 inches of rain on our farm right as harvest season was beginning, resulting in surviving grapes that could only produce thin, tart wines. So, we made the best of it by following a maxim from Burgundy, France, which can also be quite wet and cold, and we aged the wine to eventually create a standout star. Now, we’re proud to finally serve it for $10 a glass or $50 a bottle.

While here enjoying a sip, consider subscribing for a case of this year’s vintage or our case club. You can also do this by contacting us at or 908-735-9359.

What we’ll be cooking in the kitchen

We’ll also have fine Central European fare to go with our wine selections, including vegetable and kielbasa stew (known also as Lecsó); grilled chicken sate Austro-Hungarian style; and Liptauer, our cheese spread made from a 60-year-old family recipe with just a few seasonings, butter and cheese.

We’ll serve our grilled chicken sate Austro-Hungarian style complementary to our guests with either our Gewurz curry ketchup or our mustard-based Haus sauce. But for those looking for a heartier option, we encourage you to try the Lecsó, which is served with a slice of rye bread for $7. This combination of vegetables – including chopped onions and bell peppers – is combined with garlic, chopped tomatoes, paprika, caraway seeds, sliced kielbasa and bacon to create a soulful yet smoky dish.

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Our Liptauer, too, is a must-try this Saturday. In Central Europe, many families make their own Liptauer (and of course, always declare that theirs is the best). Many restaurants – especially casual taverns, wine bars and farm wineries known also as heurigers – even just put potential Liptauer ingredients on their tables so customers can make it to their liking.

Liptauer veterans will notice that ours is more dense, lighter in color and more nuanced in flavor – meaning the cheesy taste pops on your taste buds. You can sample it yourself here on Satop rye or cucumber for $7.

Fare available to-go

You can also take home both our Liptauer and Lecsó, which are perfect for the holidays (although for entirely different reasons.)

Unlike typical heavy, meat-based holiday dishes, our Lecsó is lighter and also vegetable-based, leaving diners satisfied without feeling overstuffed. When you can’t eat another bite of turkey, we recommend taking a breather the next day with this flavorful dish!

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For $15, you can feed two adults with our Lecsó, which is sold frozen and easily reheated in a saucepan with a little water. (We also recommend serving it with noodles, such as our Spätzle, or any rice or potato dish.)

And easily married with crudites, cucumber slices, crackers, bread or pretzels, our Liptauer is a perfect (and somewhat addicting), crowd-pleaser that’s ideal as a party appetizer or snack. It costs $9 for an eight-ounce jar but you might want to stock up for your holiday guests – it’s by far our most popular item, and it might end up being that way at your home, too.

Come and visit us at our 1811 Wine Barn at 54 Mt. Salem Rd., Pittstown on Saturday, Nov. 20 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and make reservations by contacting us at or 908-735-9359. Walk-ins are also welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis. Or, order your meal to-go by contacting us at the same email address or phone number listed above. You can also join our wine case club or subscribe by contacting us this way as well.

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