Visit Mount Salem Kitchen On The New Hunterdon 579 Trail

Thanks to coronavirus, many of our usual summer getaways have been pushed to the wayside. However, there’s another destination hiding right outside your front door – Hunterdon County, which is home to a huge array of farms, markets, vineyards and more, along a corridor that’s centered on historic County Road 579 which extends from the mountains in the northwest to the Delaware River Valley.

With the new website, the Hunterdon County Tourism Partnership and the Hunterdon County Economic Development is making sure that residents and visitors alike know exactly where in Hunterdon County to find homemade wine, farm fresh produce and locally-grown meats, which foodies can visit all within a day’s trip thanks to the unique cluster of these businesses along County Road 579.

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About one week ago, the organizations launched the website as an online guide of farms and markets which are within a 7-mile radius of County Road 579, which includes Mount Salem Kitchen. Already, the website has a whopping 10,000 views. Little do many of the site’s visitors know, though, that the idea for the site was actually born right here at Mount Salem Kitchen.

It all started here

Over two years ago, our owner and founder Peter Leitner proposed the idea for the site to expand the base here thanks to the county’s 300 years as an agricultural hotspot while encouraging new food and beverage entrepreneurs to start farming and producing here.

When Marc Saluk, Director of Economic Development for Hunterdon County, read the proposal, he knew he had to make it happen – he saw it as a long term means of economic development and boost for tourism, so he vowed to provide every resource needed.

Looking forward

And now, it has happened. Here at Mount Salem Kitchen, we’re excited to offer our 20-plus food offerings – with more on the way – to Trail riders as well as our popular wine subscription program, where you can reserve a case of our award-winning wine.

Plus, we look forward to offering collaborative specials and events alongside fellow Trail locations. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as, for more information!

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