Alpine Seasoning

Alpine Seasoning Ice Cream Is On The Menu At Mount Salem Kitchen

Since we launched our Alpine Seasoning, which is a savory blend of over 10 herbs all reminiscent of the flavors of the European Alps, home cooks have raved to us that their bottle hasn’t even made it to their spice rack. Instead, it stays on their kitchen or dining room table because they use it every day. It’s so versatile that we even wrote a cookbook featuring our Alpine Seasoning with over 30 recipes.

Ice cream is certainly one recipe utilizing Alpine Seasoning that we didn’t anticipate. But with the current heat wave, it’s certainly the most satisfying.

Our chief cooking officer, Agnieszka, who is a Central European native, created the sage-colored, savory ice cream by first making homemade ice cream using local duck eggs, whole milk and sugar. Then, she churned the ice cream base with our Alpine Seasoning, creating a combination of silky, fresh cream, a soothing chill and savory dried herbs.

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Although you won’t always find Alpine Seasoning ice cream here at our farm – we usually save it for special occasions or private events – this weekend, we’ll offer to our visitors alongside our Pinot Grigio and our Pinot Noir Rosé, both from 2021. We may all be sweating our way through this heat wave, but there isn’t a better way to do it than with a glass of wine and a cup of a one-of-a-kind homemade ice cream alongside lush farm views.

Can’t make it this weekend? Our Alpine Seasoning is also available for $7 from our website. Order your own jar for a spice with flavors that captures herbs you might find in a meadow or vegetable garden yet with a savory twinge.

Visit Mount Salem Kitchen at 54 Mount Salem Road, Pittstown or learn more at or by contacting us at 908-735-9359.

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