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Mount Salem Kitchen Products Have a New Look

Mount Salem Kitchen is growing up.

When we began selling a few Central European food products to complement our wine, we designed and printed modest logos and labels for our initial items such as our Liptauer, Haus Vinaigrette, Gewurz and Vincotto.

Although we are cooks and winemakers by trade, not designers, we did it by ourselves – and it worked. With a simple white background, our labels were straightforward – the name of the item, a short description of it and the name of our company.

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However, times have certainly changed. We now have a lineup of 11 products, including sauces, seasonings and even a cookbook, and we want our labels to reflect our growth to our customers.

So, when you purchase newly-produced items from Mount Salem Kitchen, they’ll now feature our new label, cleaned up and modernized. (But, you might still spot our old labels here at the farm, which we’ll use for events for a bit).

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But, don’t expect them to look too different. We had tons of new design ideas, but none of them stuck. At the end of the day, our original idea still felt like home to us – simple, clean and to the point – just like our food.

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