A Mount Salem Kitchen Product is Born Part 3: Launching a Product

Throughout the last few weeks, you’ve learned how we create a product from start to finish, from channeling inspiration to perfecting a recipe. The final stage is, of course, sharing that new Mount Salem Kitchen product with our loyal customers!

Once one of our new products hits the market, you can always find information about it on our social media channels (follow us on Facebook by clicking here, or on Instagram by clicking here), on our blog (check out all of our blog posts here) or through our email newsletter (click here to subscribe).

If you’re ready to sample our new Mount Salem Kitchen products, we have some good news – when we are in the early stages of promoting our products, we will occasionally offer our visitors at Mount Salem Vineyards, located at 54 Mt Salem Rd, Pittstown, a sample of our products that they can enjoy with a splash of wine.

Plus, many of our products are offered at local stores, including at Sunbeam General Store in Frenchtown, Adelphia Wine Market in Bernardsville and Savour in Lambertville. We partner with shops that specialize in gourmet food products, such as European stores and wine shops with food departments, so we know their customers will love a locally-made yet unique item like what we make here at Mount Salem Kitchen.

Our customers are always hungry for new products that remind them of their heritage and taste amazing, so when we release a new product, our customers immediately start thinking of ways to incorporate our food in their meals. Check back on our social media channels or our blog to see what other new items we’re cooking up!

Want to try our Mount Salem Kitchen products for yourself? Visit us at 54 Mt Salem Rd, Pittstown or order our products online here

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