Mix Up Your Cheesy Favorites By Substituting With Our Liptauer

Yes, you could stuff those jalapeno poppers with your typical bland cream cheese. And yes, you could stick a toothpick on your typical hors d’oeuvre of ham and blue cheese.

Or, you could mix up these – and an endless number of other favorites – with our Liptauer, a cheese spread made from two cheeses, butter and seasonings thanks to our age-old family recipe.

It’s these seasonings and the accompanying flavors and textures of our Liptauer that make it so there’s an ingredient to complement just about anything you can think of. Which could explain its huge popularity here at Mount Salem Kitchen – the first thing someone usually says when they try it is “Wow.”

If you want to try our Liptauer for yourself in all of its delicious glory, here are just a few fun ways you can substitute it into your favorite recipes. However, get creative – our customers are always finding new ways to enjoy their Liptauer!

Jalapeno poppers

Slice a jalapeno into rings about 1/2″ thick, remove the seeds and membranes from each, then fill the ring with Liptauer. Dust with flour, then dip in a beaten egg, and then roll in fine bread crumbs. Fry them quickly in oil (olive, canola, or whatever you prefer), then pop them in your mouth. Yum!

Gougeres (cheese puffs)

As soon as the gougeres (the French term for freshly made cheese puffs) come out of the oven, fill a pastry bag (or Ziploc baggie with the tip of a corner cut off) and then pipe the Liptauer into the hole on the bottom of the gougeres (if there’s no hole, use your finger to make one). Now, that’s decadent!

Ham and cheese skewers

One of our favorite Mount Salem Kitchen hors d’ oeuvres is a ham and cheese skewer utilizing our Liptauer. Lay pieces of thinly-sliced ham on a work surface, place a dollop of Liptauer on top of each slice, and then carefully roll them and then slice into bite-sized pieces that you skewer with toothpicks for easy eating.

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