Beauty Lies In Simplicity With Our Liptauer Cheese Spread

Our Liptauer, a spreadable cheese very popular in households, restaurants and wine bars throughout Central Europe, where most families have their own recipe, packs a serious punch.

So much so that we hadn’t even originally planned to sell it – our wine customers simply continued to ask to buy it until we realized they had a point.

However, with only a few seasonings, butter and cheese making up our Liptauer, the old adage rings true – beauty lies in simplicity.

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In Central Europe, many families make their own Liptauer (and of course, always declare that theirs is the best). Many restaurants – especially casual taverns, wine bars and farm wineries known also as heurigers – even just put potential Liptauer ingredients on their tables so customers can make it to their liking.

Similarly so, we have our own Liptauer recipe, originating from a family recipe that’s at least 60-years-old.

How we make our Liptauer

To make our Mount Salem Kitchen Liptauer, we first combine cream cheese with feta cheese to create the tangy flavor of quark, a type of cheese often found in Central Europe. Then, we blend in unsalted butter before combining our seasonings into a paste and then mixing it all together.

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After adding in the fresh garlic, shallot, caraway seed, anchovy and paprika, we either mix by hand or with an electric mixer before jarring it up for use on items such as bread, vegetables and more.

A seemingly endless array of variations

However, Liptauers from different families vary greatly in color, consistency and flavor. Some Liptauers are dark red, others reddish orange, others pink; some are dense, while others much less so. Some are over-the-top with garlic or paprika or caraway dominating, while others are more subtle, nuanced and balanced. And then there are major differences in ingredients, too.

Liptauer veterans will notice that ours is more dense, lighter in color and more nuanced in flavor – meaning the cheesy taste pops on your taste buds.

Although we love our Liptauer, these days, we’re also working on some new varieties to give it a modern touch. Stay tuned on our website and social media pages to see what we come up with!

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