Seats Are Still Available for LongTable, Our Annual Celebration of Heritage and Food

At Mount Salem Kitchen, our events calendar is always full. But there’s one event that we host annually that’s especially close to our hearts – our LongTable dinner, where 100 guests gather at one long, linen-draped table in our vineyard for a harvest supper. This year’s supper will take place this Saturday, Sept. 14.

To us, the best part of this supper is our guests, who bring dishes which represent their heritage and include at least one locally-grown ingredient. Many of them do this by fondly remembering the dishes that their own grandparents cooked for them, so all of us at LongTable get to enjoy an important piece of their family and cultural heritage.

We have just a few seats left at our 13th annual LongTable supper, which costs $30 per person (however, this is used as a credit where guests can buy wine by the glass or bottle from our vineyards at LongTable).

What to expect

LongTable visitors will also get to enjoy our Mount Salem contributions, such as deviled eggs with paprika dust, Liptauer on cucumber with fresh dill, Tyrol goulash made over open fire and a full prosciutto that’s been curing in the loft of our wine barn for nine months.

However, to us, the best part of LongTable is the people, and the amazing moments and reconnections that ensue.

One of our favorites was when a man was telling LongTable guests about a bike tour he had completed in Italy and an al fresco lunch in a tiny village he enjoyed which ended up being the highlight of his entire trip. Another man at LongTable listened carefully, with tears on his cheeks, until he said, “My new friend, I was born in that village.” They embraced like long-lost cousins and moved their seats so they and their families could sit together for the rest of the evening.

This is only a smidgen of the magic that happens every year at this iconic Mount Salem event. Reserve your spot now by calling us at 908-735-9359!

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