Get Authentic Central European Cuisine At Home With Our Meals To-Go

There’s nothing like fall in the Garden State, which is full of changing leaves, breezy air and farm-fresh activities. But as home chefs know, cold-weather cooking isn’t quite such a breeze – it often requires hours of slow-cooking and braising, which is no small ask for those of us who are back at the office.

However, as we learned here at Mount Salem Kitchen last year in the height of COVID-19, there’s nothing like a hearty, home-cooked, authentic Central European meal for dinner – even if it’s not cooked at your home.

That’s why we’re continuing to offer our packaged meals to-go, which include satisfying, savory comfort food like Tyrol-style beef goulash, Hungarian-style pork goulash and Wachau-style braised chicken. Entrees range from $13-$19 which serve two adults, and we encourage accompanying them with noodles or spätzle (1/2 pound for $2.) We also sell jarred and bottled items for $9-$12.

No ordinary frozen dinner

These hand-made but frozen meals to-go are perfect for a busy weekday or weekend since the reheating instructions couldn’t be easier. Simply transfer the frozen entrée into a saucepan, add about ½ cup of water, and then cover and reheat on low for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

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These meals might be frozen, but they’re made from the same tender love and care our Mount Salem Kitchen visitors know us for. They’re all staples that have been served here for nearly two decades, often at winery and private events. And well before that, they were passed-down family recipes, which have been adapted or improved through the years – since as we all know, when you make something many, many times, you get really good at it!

An unexpected hit

However, we didn’t consider packing these dishes up to-go until the pandemic. Last March, we noticed that we consistently heard three things from people – they were missing our food and wine; they were tired of cooking every day; and they were leery of going to the supermarket to buy food.

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Plus, we had customers who were in quarantine and couldn’t leave their homes; or they were ill with COVID at home and couldn’t cook; or they had lost their jobs and were scraping by financially. So, we began delivering meals to homes, and for those out-of-work, the meals were free, paid for by generous donations from Mount Salem Kitchen customers.

But when lockdown ended, demand for these to-go meals didn’t stop. Actually, it only grew, and soon, we had people at our farm looking to continue to buy the food – even as many as six or seven entrees, along with a few bottles of wine, which they say feed them for the month.

How to place your order

Want to try our homemade frozen fare to-go? Check out this menu below and contact us at info@mountsalemkitchen.comor 908-735-9359 to place an order. We’re selling out quickly, so ordering a few days in advance is recommended!

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