The Onion Tarts We’re Serving Saturday Couldn’t Be More Locally-Grown

Thanks to the Hunterdon 579 Trail – a guide to the huge array of farms, markets and vineyards on a corridor that’s centered on historic County Road 579 which extends from the mountains in the northwest to the Delaware River Valley – it’s never been so easy to shop and eat local. Even for food and wine connoisseurs like us.

For our Pairing this Saturday, June 4, we’re planning to serve our onion tarts, which have been favorites of our visitors for nearly two decades. We can see why – this bit of brunch features sauteed onions in a mixture of eggs, milk and goat cheese, with hints of bacon and thyme, all baked in tart shell made only of flour, butter, egg yolk and cool water.

Local ingredients

What makes it even better is when all of the ingredients of this handcrafted tart are sourced within just a few miles of our Pittstown farm. So, that’s what we did – and we used the online guide at to do it.

We picked up eggs from Living Lands Farm, bacon from Mundy Farm and onions from Two Barn Farm. All three farms are right here in Pittstown. Then, we headed to Gorgeous Goat Dairy in nearby Stockton for chevre, and used our own farm’s flour, thyme and additional eggs for the rest.

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Those ingredients are also part of the reason why we chose to make onion tarts in the first place. Early springtime is when some of these ingredients are just appearing at local farms, making them the perfect way to usher in the new season. Plus, the tarts pair flawlessly with our Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Rose, which we’ll be pouring alongside the tarts.

Sure, you could pick these ingredients up at the grocery store, too – and the tart would still be delicious. But there’s nothing quite like taking a bite out of an onion tart practically born from the land you’re enjoying it atop, alongside homemade artisan wine and surrounded by lush greenery.

Learn more about this Saturday’s Pairing by contacting us at 908-735-9359 or

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