Our Products Find a Home in Savour, Lambertville’s Gourmet Grocery Store

Beautiful architecture, eclectic art galleries, unique shops and mouthwatering restaurants – as some New Jerseyans may already know, Lambertville is the perfect place to spend a day out on the town. Even the Travel Channel thinks so – the city was just voted as the Garden State’s most charming small town by the network.

It’s certainly easy for shoppers to spend hours exploring the colorful streets, filled with shops featuring interesting items such as antiques, international finds, rare books and more. To no surprise then, it’s also where foodies can find our own Mount Salem Kitchen products at Savour, Lambertville’s gourmet grocery store featuring a curated collection of fine cheeses, preserves, condiments, pasta and sauces.

Shoppers can find Savour nestled at 37 N Union Street, a hidden gem in its own right, where inside they can receive personalized service and check out homemade products – made both around the corner and across the pond – such as our Liptauer, which is the store’s biggest Mount Salem Kitchen seller.

Savour, Lambertville’s gourmet grocery store.

An urban, hip shop in eclectic Lambertville

According to the owner, Shawn, the Liptauer has developed a following at Savour. A crowd of customers come back again and again once they finish their last jar.

With a traditional store layout in a historic river town, Savour is a contradiction that’s pleasing to the senses with its urban, hip vibe – which is exactly why we knew it would be the perfect venue for our products.

If you’re looking for a relaxing day trip out, head to Lambertville and do some exploring – you never know just what you’ll find in this delightful city. And while you’re there, stop by and visit Shawn and give our Liptauer a try – we’re sure that you’ll become a repeat customer, too.

Learn more about Savour by visiting them at 37 N Union Street, Lambertville, or learn more by visiting their website

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