Our Summer Kitchen Is On Its Way

With its rustic charm, cozy ambiance and, of course, delicious food and wine, our farmhouse is many of our guests’ favorite spots in the county. But this spring, we’re bringing it outside to an even better backdrop – our lush, green meadow and vineyards.

That’s because by mid-May, our summer kitchen will be completely in business, with the ability to conduct cooking classes and demonstrations; private wine tastings with food pairings; private events; and events for our wine subscribers and case club members. Plus, we’ll also showcase our artisan, Central European-inspired food products here.

At the summer kitchen, you’ll be able to get the same Mount Salem Kitchen experience you know and love, all under the shining sun and with a gentle breeze. Don’t worry – we’ll be able to do just about everything there except bake a strudel (but we’re working on that, too.)

Bigger and better than ever

If you’ve visited our summer kitchen before, expect to find this year’s bigger and better than ever.

Plus, our summer kitchen will be blessed with the direction of a true expert – our chief cooking officer, Agnieszka, who was born and raised on a farm in northeastern Poland.

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Agnieszka and her eight brothers and sisters worked on the farm year-round and lived in a house with no electricity (and no refrigerator or freezer), no indoor plumbing, and heat by wood-burning fireplace. Cooking was done on a wood-burning stove.

Sure, we’ve all grilled out on the patio or made hot dogs over a fire. But have you ever thought to do so for every meal, in all types of weather? This was Agnieszka’s reality – and one she perfected. She learned to cook from the best – her mother and grandmother – and as any Mount Salem Kitchen visitor can attest to, her food tastes like it comes from a five-star restaurant.

Guidance from a true expert

Once, we got to watch Agnieszka in true outdoor-cooking action. With a wine dinner planned and electricity out in our farmhouse, we were nervous. But she simply said, “No problem – watch and learn something.”

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That we did. She quickly and seamlessly created an outdoor kitchen on our back porch, complete with woodburning and charcoal, grills, well water, coolers for refrigeration, etc. and in the end, we served a five-course meal for 40 guests who sat blissfully unaware in candlelight. It’s also how we learned stuffed pork shoulder truly tastes best roasted over a wood fire!

Now, we’re thrilled to share that experience with our guests at our summer kitchen.

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