Our Pierogi To-Go Sells Out Faster Than We Can Make It

As a food and wine company inspired by Central European flavors, we wouldn’t live up our muse if we didn’t offer pierogi. Coincidentally, our pierogi sells out so quickly that if all we did was make pierogi, it still wouldn’t be enough for its hungry fanbase here in Hunterdon County.

Made with Polish-born hands thanks to our Chief Cooking Officer Agnieszka, the authenticity of our handmade, from-scratch pierogi is evidenced by the first bite, which is why they sell our faster than we can make them. We have even had quite a few people tell us before their taste of our pierogi that they’re not fans of the dish since they have found it too heavy or doughy from other sources. Now, they’re our regulars.

Our pierogi varieties

Plus, there are tons of varieties of pierogi here at Mount Salem Kitchen – all vegetarian – worth ordering in advance. Those include the classic potato and farmer cheese; potato, farmer cheese and chive; mushroom and onion; cabbage and onion; and a special variety only found in the early summer – fruit pierogi.

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Our fruit pierogi is filled with fresh strawberries or blueberries – two of New Jersey’s greatest summer fruits – and are finished with heavy cream. And although we use the Garden State’s best to make them, fruit dumplings, as well as soups, are actually staples in Central European summer dishes.

Want to try our pierogi for yourself? We offer a dozen frozen pierogi per $20 package. That may seem steep compared to the $6 per dozen commonly found at food stores, but there’s a reason why those packages are only $6 – they’re not handmade, they’re not made from-scratch, and the stark difference is instantaneously noticeable once you pop one of our pierogi in your mouth. Six dollars doesn’t even come close to the cost of producing pierogi our way!

How to serve at home

If you’re ready to enjoy your frozen pierogi at home, simply boil them in salted water until they rise to the surface of the water. Remove them with a slotted spoon, let them drain and while still warm, toss them in a bowl (gently) with butter or a neutral oil. This ensures they won’t stick together.

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You can serve them right then, or for later service, fry them quickly in a pan with a little butter or oil. While saucing is completely optional and there are many variations, we love the old school style: chopped bacon rendered, with chopped onions added, and then gently spooned over the top of the reheated pierogi. For us, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Order your pierogi by contacting us at or calling 908-735-9359. Please keep in mind they sell out extremely quickly, so early orders are recommended!

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