We’re Releasing Our 2021 Pinot Noir Rose This Saturday

Rose wines have never enjoyed the best reputation. Wine drinkers often brush them aside, thinking they’re better suited to those looking for subtlety, sweetness or the quick gulp of a glass. But as we’ve known since we started making rose our first day of wine production nearly two decades ago, rose has the potential to pack a punch with complexity and flavor, no matter the season.

This Saturday, we’ll release our 2021 Pinot Noir Rose, which – for the first time ever – we made using red Pinot Noir grapes. The results will be showcased to our farm visitors, who will be able to snag a rare taste, as many of our bottles have already been purchased by subscribers. A few additional bottles will be available if you find it’s a taste you can’t get enough of.

What Makes Our Rose Different

So, what makes our rose wine different from what you usually find on liquor store shelves? Usually, winemakers make low-quality white wine, then blend in a red wine, to create that typical blush to brassy orange color. A new, distorted flavor is created, sometimes with additional sugar added for sweetness.

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However, we crushed Pinot Noir grapes and then, just a few hours later, pressed them to achieve a brassy juice. Then, we treated the juice as we would a white wine by fermenting it in cooler temperatures in stainless steel before cold stabilizing and filtering it. And voila – by the springtime, we have a lovely rose still ideal for the season, but yet with a taste that often leaves our customers to say, “Woah, that’s different.”

Visit Mount Salem Vineyards at 54 Mount Salem Road, Pittstown this Saturday, Aug. 6 for a taste of our 2021 Pinot Noir Rose. Learn more by contacting us at or 908-735-9359.

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