Private Events, Including Wine Dinners and Cooking Classes, Are Back at Mount Salem Kitchen

With COVID-19 case rates easing – hopefully for the final time – we’re all beginning to venture out again to discover our post-pandemic lives. And for foodies, there isn’t a more delicious (as well as safe) way to do that than with a private cooking class or private wine dinner.

At Mount Salem Kitchen, we’re beginning to host private wine dinners and private cooking classes again. We’ve received lots of inquiries for events celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones, or simply as an opportunity to connect with long-missed family or friends.

For the most part, no matter if you’re looking for a French-inspired wine dinner to gear up for an upcoming trip or you’re interested in a Central European-inspired cooking class to get your hands on culinary basics, we do it all here at Mount Salem Kitchen in a variety of price points that cover wine, food and everything else.

What to expect

In our cooking classes, which can accommodate up to eight people, we’ll present an overall menu and teach the imperative skills needed to bring the meal to life. Then, we’ll split into small teams to tackle each part of the menu, before rejoining at the end and enjoying our full meal together.

In our Pairings, which can accommodate up to 24 people, we’ll show you how to create an exceptional meal while you enjoy our Central European wines and converse with our chef and other members of your group.

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And in our wine dinners, which can accommodate up to 100 people, we’ll take you through a seated menu with several courses while you sip our Central European wines that we’ll pair specifically with each dish.

Sound good? Depending on the weather and changing COVID-19 cases, we’re happy to safely welcome guests back to Mount Salem Kitchen for private events. Contact us at or 908-735-9359 to book yours.

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