Our Cabernet Franc Rose is On Its Way

Although fall is only getting underway, for us, the final harvest is already here – this Saturday, the Mount Salem Kitchen team will be busy turning our Cabernet Franc into our much-loved Cabernet Franc Rose.

Throughout the last few years, rose’s reputation has changed from that of a frivolous varietal to that of a more appreciated wine. However, make no mistake – ours is about as serious as it gets.

What makes ours different

That’s because we make our Cabernet Franc Rose the “real” way – by crushing red grapes, allowing the skins to sit in the juice for just a few hours to pick up some color, and then pressing it so that only juice remains – which is referred to as saignee, or “to bleed,” in French.

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It’s this very method that makes our Cabernet Franc Rose a far cry from most roses that you’ll find on liquor store shelves. Most roses are simply white wine with a dash of red wine to create the typical pink coloring.

And there’s another reason, too – Cabernet Franc is not normally used to create a rose. But each year we repeat the process, and always to excellent results that our Mount Salem visitors love – it always sells out quickly.

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This doesn’t surprise us, though – our Cabernet Franc Rose lacks the typical lightness in color, flavor and mouthfeel that most roses have and instead, ours packs a flavorful punch that goes well with just about anything (but our favorites are grilled chicken or fish).

Want to give our Cabernet Franc Rose a try for yourself? Sorry, but it won’t be available until about May or June, but you can keep watch on our social media pages for its release. In the meantime, visit Mount Salem Kitchen at 54 Mt Salem Rd, Pittstown to try some of our other Austrian-focused wines. 

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