We’re Serving Salzburg Chicken Grilled Over Open Fire At Our Farm This Weekend

There’s nothing like succulent grilled chicken cooked over an open flame in the summertime sunshine. This Saturday at Mount Salem Kitchen, surrounded by our vineyards and our outdoor kitchen, we’ll do just that – with a Central European-inspired twist, of course.

We’ll pair our slow-roasted Salzburg-style chicken that’s been marinated in our Alpine Seasoning – a savory blend of over 10 herbs all reminiscent of the flavors of the European Alps – alongside pre-release glasses of our 2021 Dry Riesling and our 2021 Blaufrankisch.

It takes time to create this tender chicken, which has the ideal balance of smokiness and caramelization. Over a wood or charcoal fire, we cook the chicken for an hour, all while periodically dipping it into marinade for optimum flavor.

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When the process is complete, the chicken fat is completely rendered and the meat slides off the bone for a grilled dish that couldn’t be further from a greasy burger.

If you happen to be here when this comes off the grill, you really should sample this dish while simultaneously trying a sneak peak of our 2021 Dry Riesling and our 2021 Blaufrankisch, which will be released in August and later this year, respectively. Especially because we think this Blaufrankisch has the potential to be one of our very best, thanks to its high drinkability and suppleness.

Plus, our bone-dry Dry Riesling – it lives up to its name, always – is extremely gulp-able, thirst-quenching and pairs perfectly with this savory chicken dish.

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