Want To Eat Healthier? Follow These Easy Tips

With an endless amount of options available in the grocery store, it can be difficult to pick out those needle-in-a-haystack healthy products that you’re looking for. However, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips the next time you’re out shopping for this week’s groceries.

Go organic… but take it with a grain of salt

Unfortunately, the definition of what constitutes an organic ingredient has vastly broadened since consumers have begun demanding these products, making for lower standards as to what qualifies as organic.

For example, many people believe that organic means the food was farmed without pesticides, but this isn’t true – the farmers simply used organic pesticides, which can be just as toxic as conventional pesticides and, even worse, they may have to apply even more of it to get the same protective effect.

Of course, it’s still always better to go organic whenever possible, so here at Mount Salem Kitchen, we use organic ingredients whenever possible, even when it’s more difficult to source them and more expensive to do so.

Buy local whenever possible

Buying locally grown food not only provides you with the freshest and healthiest meal, but also one with ingredients that you otherwise can’t find in a food market.

Tomatoes are perhaps the best example: the vast majority of tomato varieties must be sold locally because they are too tender and fragile to be packaged and shipped long distances, but they taste so much better than the ones that are sturdy enough for travel.

When you buy our Central European food products, you can rest assured that you are enjoying something crafted right here in our Pittstown kitchen using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. And you’ll know it – you can taste the difference!

“Eat mostly plants, and not too much”

Food philosopher and writer Michael Pollan got it right when he wrote this quote, meaning make sure that you are eating real food and not highly processed fast food or junk food, making for a diet of vegetables, fruits and grains as well as meat, fish and dairy.

By eating Mount Salem Kitchen products, you can do just that – all of our products except for our Liptauer (which contains anchovy) are completely vegan.

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