Mount Salem Vineyards Is Springing Ahead

Usually, the spring and summer months make for a bustling time here at Mount Salem Vineyards. Visitors pour into our farmhouse and meadow, eager to taste our selection of homemade Central European wines and food products. Our calendar is packed to the brim with events. Just like this time of bloom, we bloom, too.

Obviously, 2020 was not that.

In order to protect our team and customers, we stopped all wine pours before March 7 of last year – well before the state mandate. Our sales virtually stopped then, too. Our vineyards sustained frost damage at that time as well, adding insult to injury. Although our sales steadily improved in the summer, once the cold fall and winter arrived after October, it was quiet once again and we hunkered down for the season.

Looking forward

However, as any winemaker knows, just because one harvest doesn’t work out as planned doesn’t mean you give up. As the light of the end of the COVID-19 tunnel has slowly begun to shine, we here at Mount Salem Vineyards are still here and strong – working harder than ever and already looking forward to this year’s harvest with both optimism and determination.

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As the weather slowly warms and spring begins to show its face here in Hunterdon County, we feel ready to take on the challenges of 2021 and pruning is readily underway. Plus, we’re already planning on the “sneak peeks” we plan to offer to our loyal subscribers and case club members as soon as our wines are bottled and ready.

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Although we’re currently holding off on planning public events, we look forward to welcoming all back to our vineyard where so much celebration has taken place throughout the years. In the meantime, stay tuned for warm, sunny days when you can enjoy an outdoor tasting here, or, book an appointment. We expect to resume a regular schedule once all traces of winter are behind us.

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