Visit the Stork’s Nest in Flemington for Mount Salem Kitchen Products

Prior to mid-October, it wasn’t easy for foodies looking for authentic Central European eats to find traditional, homemade dishes such as stuffed cabbage, chicken cutlets and pierogi in Hunterdon County.

But, now that the Stork’s Nest, a Central European shop and deli which also offers items such as kielbasa and other sausages, European-style breads, cheeses and dry goods like noodles, has opened its doors at 22 Main Street in Flemington, it’ll take you only a short drive to find your favorite eats from across the pond.

Authentic, from-scratch Central European cuisine

The Stork’s Nest offers several items made freshly from-scratch and onsite Tuesday through Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday). And now, our Central European food products can be found on their shelves as well. Visit the Stork’s Nest to purchase our Liptauer, Gewürz Curried Ketchup, Haus Vinaigrette, Alpine Seasoning, and Spätzle (fine, dried noodles) at their shop.

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The Stork’s Nest, which is owned by recent Polish immigrants and focuses on Polish cuisine, is serious about authentic, high-quality eats.

Case in point? Our chief cooking officer, Agnes, a Polish immigrant who recently published her own Polish cookbook, recently left the Stork’s Nest with two shopping bags full of freshly made chicken cutlets, vegetable sides, bread, soup and kielbasa. She simply said, “I don’t feel like cooking tonight, so I’ll let them put dinner on my table.” If she can get behind these products, we know they’re the real deal.

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Visit the friendly, intimate Stork’s Nest at 22 Main Street in Flemington to find authentic Central European food including our own Mount Salem Kitchen products. Learn more by contacting them at or 908-751-5839.

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