No Matter The Season, Visitors Are Loving Our Tyrol Goulash To-Go

For what seems like forever, we’ve been making our family version of Tyrol Goulash, a hearty but not heavy beef dish that comes from the Tyrol region of Austria. It’s deep in flavor, thick and satisfying, and we serve it to-go for $19 for two adult portions.

Although it takes us two hours to prep and six hours to cook, you can get it here at Mount Salem Kitchen or order for delivery in only minutes. When you’re ready to enjoy, unfreeze it, transfer to a saucepan with a little water and a lid and reheat for 30 minutes. With a few quick motions, you can have a meal on the table that takes an entire workday to make (and tastes like it, too.)

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Made from our own recipe with whole slabs of beef chuck, onions, carrots, whole tomatoes, a bit of paprika, fresh thyme and red wine slow-cooked for six hours, our Tyrol Goulash has always been a popular dish here at Mount Salem Kitchen. But through COVID-19, its popularity has taken on a new level – we simply can’t make it fast enough.

The secret to its success

In uncertain times such as these, there’s nothing like a comfort dish to keep the nerves at bay, and Tyrol Goulash is perhaps the king of comfort food. Over the past year, we’ve learned that these types of comfort dishes are suitable for year-round enjoyment for that reason, and also a more practical one.

This protein-rich meal powers one through tons of summer activities like swimming, bicycling and hiking. But the Austrians already know that – bowls of goulash are consumed en masse when hiking through the Austrian alps in July!

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Plus, Tyrol Goulash is easy to mix up depending on what you choose to pair with it, so every night’s serving can be unique. We recommend spatzle, or potatoes – especially mashed – or rice.

Want to try Tyrol Goulash for yourself? Order yours for pickup or delivery by contacting us at or calling 908-735-9359.

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