Our Vegetable Stew Makes For a Healthy Yet Hearty Meal To-Go

In the wake of a renewed focus on health following COVID-19, many people – vegetarian or not – are now working to integrate more vegetables and less meat into their everyday diets.

Here at Mount Salem Kitchen, you can pick up a healthy yet satisfying meal to-go – our Vegetable Stew, also known as Lecsó in Hungary, Poland and elsewhere in Central Europe.

Simply, smoky and summery

For years, Lecsó has been a favorite of Mount Salem Kitchen customers due to its simplicity yet distinctive flavor profile. With a taste that transports you right to summer in Hungary, expect simmered vegetables with a hint of smokiness from the bacon and kielbasa. But last year when we introduced our Meals-To-Go menu, it became an instant hit.

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Made with ingredients including bell peppers, cherry or Pomodoro tomatoes, yellow onions, paprika, garlic and slab bacon or kielbasa for those looking for just a touch of meat, our $13-$15 Lecsó provides the base for a hearty meal for two people – or even three to four light eaters.

How to serve at home

We make ours in a large pot that’s simmered for hours. But it’s easy to reheat at home – and better yet, it can be frozen and reheated without losing any of its structure or mouthfeel. Simply defrost in the fridge, then transfer the contents to a saucepan to reheat. Or, pop it out of its container into a saucepan, add ½ cup of cool water, and simmer for 30 minutes.

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Stew may not immediately evoke thoughts in summer in most people. But our Lecsó cannot be mistaken for a typical heavy stew – this dish, made largely of vegetables, is light on the stomach. The proof has been in the pudding here at Mount Salem Kitchen – we sold out of it last weekend (but don’t worry, we’re making more this week.)

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