Learn To Make Wiener Schnitzel at Our Cooking Class on May 15

Anyone that’s ever taken a bite at Mount Salem Kitchen – whether it’s of a piece of bread made with flour grown on Mount Salem Road served alongside a glass of wine, or a three-course meal at a private event – knows that our culinary team is just as talented as that at a beloved farm-to-table restaurant.

Which is exactly why we regularly offer cooking classes, so our guests can get a hands-on cooking lesson featuring a set menu as well as mastery of several imperative skills.

Our cooking classes are back

As the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel continues to brighten, our cooking classes are finally back after more than a year, starting this Saturday, May 15 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

This Saturday, our outdoor class – set in our Summer Kitchen – will focus on Wiener Schnitzel served alongside classic Viennese-style red potatoes, cucumber salad and possibly an asparagus dish, as asparagus is at its best here at this time of year.

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During this class, our eight guests will scrub up with aprons, learn about Wiener Schnitzel as well as its history, master several new cooking skills they can take home with them, and later leave with a full stomach, new recipes and new friends.

Sound good? We don’t recommend waiting to sign up – this has been one of our all-time favorite cooking classes since we launched it 10 years ago. We even offer a follow-up class from time to time, where our guests make two different sauces to serve with the schnitzel – a sauteed pepper and paprika sauce, and a mushroom sauce.

Our most popular class of all time

To us, there are two reasons behind the popularity of Wiener Schnitzel. First, there’s an intrigue – people either don’t know what it is, or they do, yet they never make it at home nor find it on restaurant menus.

And second, there’s a debate of origin, which the Italians and Austrians have been fighting for centuries – is it from Vienna (hence the name “Wiener”), or Milan (where it is known as “Cotolette alla Milanese”)?

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At the end of the day, Wiener Schnitzel can be Italian or it can be Austrian – but it’s still delicious, and can be prepared and served in many ways, as we learned firsthand when we visited Austria in 2019.

Join us on Saturday, May 15 at 11 a.m. for $85 per person for our Wiener Schnitzel cooking class at 54 Mt Salem Rd, Pittstown. Reserve your spot (no walk-ins, please) by contacting us at 908-735-9359 or

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