The Vineyards At This $18 Million Hunterdon Estate Have Us To Thank

The whopping $18 million real estate listing of a Hunterdon County lodge-style estate featuring two vineyards has been making the rounds on local news media during the past few weeks, and for good reason – if sold, it would become the most expensive residential real estate transaction ever completed in the region.

However, little known to most people curiously scrolling the photos of the gorgeous property known as Windward Farm, those vineyards wouldn’t be much more than rolling hills without our sister company, Hunterdon Vineyard Services.

How we helped Windward Farm

That’s because Windward Farm’s vineyards, like several other vineyards throughout Hunterdon County, are managed by us. For years, we’ve offered vineyard management services to Garden State clients, helping them transform their properties into – literally – fruitful acres.

Two years ago, we helped Windward Farm plant grapes including Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, Cabernet Franc, Barbera and Everest table grapes, before taking over managing the vineyards last year with our full services. Since then, Windward Farm has seen the growth they originally expected to see when they first began their winemaking journey without us.

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They’re not the only ones. From our clients, we often hear phrases like, “Our vineyard has never looked this good” and “We wish we hired you a long time ago.”

Benefits of our services

That’s because vineyard management needs much more than being smart and successful in other fields. Instead, it requires knowledge and experience and year-round, hands-on vineyard work regardless of whether it’s nine degrees or 90 degrees – all of which we’ve been doing for two decades (and for eight hours a day and five days a week.)

We can manage a vineyard faster and with better yields than most can do it on their own, and in the long run, we save our clients money. Since a vineyard of any size is expensive to establish and maintain, it becomes even more expensive if it’s not managed well.

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However, the future is only just beginning at Windward Farm, which, as its name suggests, is quite windy – a plus-side for a vineyard, as wind mitigates humidity and dries vines quickly after rain, keeping them healthy.

This spring and next year, we’re planting even more grapes at Windward Farm, as the property includes plenty of room to expand. Plus, it has a variety of soils, from deep loam to very stony, offering diversity that shows itself in the grapes and resulting wine.

Real estate buffs may be crooning over the beautiful landscapes, woodworking and details of Windward Farm, but for those with a deep love of wine like ourselves, we can see the true bounty that’s to come.

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